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Xiamen Siming to post disaster reconstruction and ensure the normal school – Beijing new network in Xiamen in September 17, (Yang Fushan Fang Wenjie) super typhoon "Meranti" caused a great impact on Xiamen campus environment, in order to protect the school as soon as possible resumption of classes, even days, Xiamen City Siming District invested all forces on the road around the campus to dredging, cleaning and troubleshooting of campus environment, and strive to restore the teaching environment as soon as possible. In 17, Xiamen double ten middle school entrance, the reporter saw the majority of fallen trees have been cleared. Siming District officials said that at present the region of the joint naval officers street 92674 troops and hundreds of community volunteers, do the follow-up cleanup work at the scene. Teachers and students of the school and parents also actively self-help, spontaneously came to the school to clean up. It is understood that on the three day, ten middle school invested a total of 3000 passengers to rescue Road, the road motor vehicle lanes and sidewalks have returned to normal traffic. The revitalization of the kindergarten door in the area, more than 80 of the revitalization of the community staff and enthusiastic employees and residents, with a pair of pliers, saws, gloves and other tools to clean up the branches broken wood on the road. This road is the village revitalization district residents to revitalize the kindergarten and the only road outside, rescue workers have been in the 15 day the road reopened, currently being cleared of broken wood remaining, coordination of the power sector maintenance cell circuit, to ensure the smooth opening of schools. Ye Wenbin, director of the revitalization of the community, told reporters that we are now to ensure that children go to school completely open road, tomorrow will continue to clean up the branches of the tree and other debris falling leaves. After moranti raging, has a different degree of the affected Gulangyu Islet Street four schools. The same day, the reporter witnessed, in the second gate of Xiamen, Gulangyu Islet Street staff, city volunteers, nearby residents and the school teacher, is in full swing to clean up the ground caused by the typhoon. Xiamen overseas Chinese middle school the first grade junior high school students Zheng Yizhao told reporters, "see the big efforts to help restore the smooth road, I feel my strength is not worse than them, I also come up with a copy of your strength." By the typhoon influence, the city lakeside school gate on both sides of the road, once the typhoon was completely knocked down trees covered with dense thick trees will jam up the sidewalk. Siming District cadres, community workers and the surrounding masses, with more than 20 soldiers from Longyan forest detachment Zhangzhou brigade, began non-stop to carry out clean-up work from 16 pm until 16 at night, gradually open on both sides of the road. (end)相关的主题文章: