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A Short History Of Wimbledon Tennis Posted By: abbyw1989 The Wimbledon Championships The club itself was founded in 1868, when it was known as the All England Croquet Club. It wasn’t until 1876 when the game of lawn tennis was invented that it became one of the activities at the club. A year later the club decided to change its name to the All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club, and at the same time decided to celebrate their new name with the inaugural Wimbledon Championship. The Gentleman’s Singles was the only event held, and around 200 spectators paid one shilling to get into the All England Club and watch the final, which was won by Spencer Gore. For future championships several other courts were arranged around one main court where more important games were staged, hence the name Centre Court. When the club moved to a new location in 1922 they decided to keep the name for their new main court, even though it is no longer an accurate description of its location. However during the 80s more courts were built on the opposite side of the court to make its name more appropriate.london wimbledon hospitality packages events tickets london Wimbledon Finals Posted By: abbyw1989 Was that Andy Murray being the first Briton to reach the Mens’ Singles final since 1938? Roger Federer beating him to equal the record of 7 Wimbledon Men’s Singles titles, or becoming World No 1 again to beat Pete Sampras’ record of 286 weeks at the top? Nope, outstanding achievements though they were – although it might have had a bearing on the above. And for Lukas Rosol to be ranked 100 in the world is a joke Unlike in the previous two years, there was no Rafael Nadal waiting to beat Andy Murray in the semi-final and then go on to challenge Federer. The reason for this was that he had been knocked out in the second round by one Lukas Rosol. Who? Well, with all due respect, quite. Rosol began the match against the number 2 seed ranked 100th in the world – which makes him a pretty damn good player, but hardly a legend; and yet he beat Nadal in a five set thriller, and especially in the final set, just about everything he tried, worked.team building london wimbledon hosptality hospitality team building london A Personal Review Of Corporate Hospitality At Wimbledon Posted By: abbyw1989 Looking for a special treat for your company for performing well in 2013? Here’s my review of corporate hospitality in Wimbledon. I was lucky enough to visit over the final of 2012 and witness an amazing match between Federer and Murray. Treat your staff to a luxury day or weekend away, the best 5 star cuisine, VIP treatment and maybe even indulge in a bit of celebrity spotting! Our Surroundings For The Day I think most people would agree that Wimbledon is one of the most recognised and well respected events in the tennis calendar. An English institute that celebrates everything that’s great about the sport, through sun and rain, it is an absolute must for any tennis fan. We were incredibly lucky on our visit, it was actually sunny! I’ve never been to Wimbledon before, but I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of my trip – everything was catered for and the match was absolutely spectacular. I personally enjoyed being able to relax for the entire day and having someone else planning everything for me!team building london wimbledon hosptality hospitality team building london Fun Wimbledon Facts Posted By: abbyw1989 Fact #1: When asked to name an African American female who has revolutionised the Wimbledon scene, you are most likely to think of one of the Venus sisters. But spare a thought for a true pioneer of the sport – Althea Gibson was the first black player at Wimbledon to win a singles championship in 1957. She was successful the following year too and to top it off she was named Female Athlete of the Year twice by Associated Press. A truly inspiring woman, she also went on to be the first coloured woman to win the French Open and the U.S. Nationals. Not only a star on the tennis circuit, she was the first African American woman to join the Ladies Professional Golf Association tour in 1964. Fact #2: As well-known and traditional as strawberries and cream, ball boys and ball girls are part of what makes Wimbledon so special. During the championships there are over 200 local students that take part in collecting the balls on court. It’s considered an honour to serve and there is a strict code of ethics that go along with the role.wimbledon wimbledon hospitality wimbledon 2013 wimbledon Top 5 Wimbledon Collectable Memorabilia Posted By: abbyw1989 Number One: Bjorn Borg’s 1981 Racquet Bjorn Borg is considered by many to be one of the greatest tennis players of all time. In 7 years he won 11 Grand Slam singles titles – 5 consecutive Wimbledon singles titles and 6 French Open singles titles. He currently ranks at fourth place (tied with Nadal) for male tennis players with the most Grand Slam singles titles.In 1987, he was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame. The 1981 racquet that has made number one on this list is Borg’s Donnay Pro Personal Model tennis racquet. The last time it was up for auction it raked in GBP 13,200 at Christie’s. The historic piece of Wimbledon memorabilia goes back to Borg’s defeat at the hands of John McEnroe – a match that saw the end of Borg’s 41 consecutive wins at Wimbledon. Number Two: Arthur Ashe’s 1975 Necklace Before retiring from pro tennis in 1980, Ashe had a history-making career. Ashe was the first black tennis player to be selected for the U.S. Davis Cup. He is still the only black man to win singles titles at Wimbledon, the U.S. Open and the Australian Open.wimbledon wimbledon hospitality wimbledon memorablia wimbledon Enjoy The Championships And Get Treated Royally Posted By: Smith Corner A legendary lawn tennis tournament where all time greats, immortals such as William Renshaw, Ivan Lendl, Pete Sampras, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have played deserves to be seen from the lap of luxury and utmost comfort. It is only appropriate that the court where so many historic battles have made it to the encyclopedias is looked at from a close view. Making that happen is findutickets.com, a portal through which you can fetch yourself tickets to the annual sporting spectacle. Also, you can book yourself an arrangement from where you get to watch the games from amazing proximity. It is known as the Wimbledon VIP treatment or the Wimbledon Hospitality 2011. You get to book your sitting in a restaurant from where you get fabulous views to the Centre Court at the Wimbledon Park Golf Club. Not only do you enjoy some sumptuous Wimbledon Hospitality 2011 but also get to watch all the games involving top players like local Briton Murray, Federer, the reigning champion Nadal, Djokovic like a typical Wimbledon VIP guest. Findutickets.The Wimbledon Championships Tickets 2011 Find u Tickets events hospitality purchase buy order concerts The Wimbledon Championships Tickets 2011 Why Wimbledon Hospitality Is So Sought After Posted By: Dominic Donaldson There are a variety of annual sporting events that are synonymous with everything that is English. The Henley Royal Regatta, Cartier Polo and the Wimbledon Championships are such examples. At each of these events these is an atmosphere of quintessentially English excitement, and this is what attracts sports and culture fans from around the world. We take a look at Wimbledon hospitality to understand what attracts people to the tennis tournament, whether they are a fan of centre court action or not. There is as element of prestige that accompanies the Wimbledon tennis Championships, and the Gatsby Club. The club boasts stunning 1920s interior that is a lavish and opulent back drop to the Wimbledon Championships. Purchasing Wimbledon hospitality tickets allows guest’s access to the Gatsby Club, and a chance to sample an a la carte lunch in the art deco restaurant. The Wimbledon Championships are famed for offering afternoon teas. Tea served in fine china accompanied by home baked scones, jam and fresh cream are considered part and parcel of English tradition, and are therefore part of Wimbledon hospitality packages.Wimbledon Tickets Wimbledon Hospitality wimbledon tennis tickets tennis hospitality tickets Wimbledon Tickets Fair-weather Fans Will Be Queuing For Tennis Hospitality Package Tickets Posted By: Dominic Donaldson One would think that watching a game of tennis would be a procedure that was pretty straight forward, either pop on the television, or buy a ticket and go see a game. Well, chances are that if you are a tennis fan, you’ll want to see one of the major tournaments such as the Championships at Wimbledon, or one of the other grand slam games in France, Australia or the US. Depending on whom you want to watch and where, getting a ticket can be tricky; so are fans better off investing in a tennis hospitality package, or pitting themselves against the hoards in the hope of getting a ticket. The demand for tickets for major tournaments is high, and there are some matches that attract far more attention than others. The men’s singles final has to be the most sought after game in the Wimbledon tournament, and the ticket buying process for the game often sees people camping outside Queens Club in the hope of securing a seat.Tennis Hospitality Packages Wimbledon tickets Wimbledon Hospitality packages Tennis Hospitality Packages A Guide To Choosing The Right Grand Slam Tennis Hospitality Packages Posted By: Dominic Donaldson There are four major tournaments in world class tennis, the Australian Open, French Open and US Open tournaments, and of course, the Championships at Wimbledon. These grand slam tournaments are considered the most important matches in tennis, and attract crowds as big as the prize money. This is a brief guide to each of the grand slam tournaments so you can book the right tennis hospitality packages. Australian Open The Australian Open is the first match of the year taking place in January in Melborne. Although the Grand Slam here was originally played on a grass court, since 1988 it has been held on a hard court. Tennis hospitality packages for the Australian Open are in high demand as the tournament is notorious for attracting more people than any other tournament. It is estimated that the revenue from the tournament is worth somewhere is the region of 38 million Australian Dollars. French Open The French Open grand slam tournament is held in Paris between May and June and is the second tournament of the year in the tennis calendar.Tennis Hospitality Packages Wimbledon tickets Wimbledon Hospitality packages Tennis Hospitality Packages Witnessing History With Wimbledon, Aintree And Npower Ashes Test Match Hospitality Posted By: Dominic Donaldson This year England is the place to be if you want to witness some of the best and most exciting sporting events in the 2009 calendar. Wimbledon is bound to be a big occasion this year with Andy Murray being the first genuine home grown hope of a Grand Slam winner in years. The Ashes will also be a big draw with both teams hitting form at just the right time, making the prospect of a genuine contest a real possibility. And then there’s the Grand National at Aintree, one of the world’s biggest horse races. Tickets for all these events are like gold dust and tennis, horse racing and npower Ashes Test Match hospitality packages are also being snapped up by those eager to turn their day out into an occassion they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. The sound of leather on willow – Summer 2009 is looking like it could be one of the best years for a long time for English cricket as England host Australia at Lord’s cricket ground for The Ashes. Already tickets are sold out for the 2nd npower Ashes Test Match.npower Ashes Test Match Hospitality sports hospitality hospitality packages npower Ashes Test Match Hospitality Three Of The Best Tennis Hospitality Package Deals Posted By: Dominic Donaldson Tennis is one of those sports that has drama and tension mixed with tans and tantrums. The centre court at Wimbledon is famed for showcasing the best of tennis talent whilst being bathed in pure English glory of strawberries and cream with a glass of champagne. The AEGON Championship marks the start of the grass season at the popular Queens Club in London and the BlackRock Masters is in the unusual yet decadent setting of the Royal Albert Hall. Each of these prestigious events is set in London and offers an excellent Tennis Hospitality Package for spectators with a passion for the sport, but which one should you choose? The Wimbledon Championships Demand for tickets to this prestigious event remains unsurpassed in the world of Championship tennis and it has been a long established tradition to queue overnight for a chance to get one of the 500 tickets available for the centre court. The annual queue-fest has become so much a part of the Championships itself, that it has been speculated that it be classed as an event in its own right.Tennis Hospitality Packages Wimbledon tickets Wimbledon Hospitality packages Tennis Hospitality Packages Fall In Love On The Court With Tennis Hospitality Packages Posted By: Dominic Donaldson Usually when sports pundits are talking about what is currently the hottest contender in sport, it based on the performance of great sporting personalities and what the odds are at the bookmakers. I am sure that this year’s Wimbledon competition is no different, but here we aim to give you a different reason to invest in tennis hospitality packages based on how hot the tennis players really are. So grab your strawberries and cream, and prepare for a rundown of some of the fittest blokes in tennis, it may be game set and match, but there is always a chance of love in this sport. Back in my day, my bedroom walls were splashed with posters of Pat Cash. Coming into his prime in 1987, Mister Cash was top of the headlines when he won the men’s Singles at Wimbledon, consequently winning the hearts of teenagers around the globe. Although Pat won’t be in this year’s tournament, there is no shortage of eye candy for the not so discerning viewer!Tennis Hospitality Packages Wimbledon tickets Wimbledon Hospitality packages Tennis Hospitality Packages 相关的主题文章: