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UnCategorized Perhaps you’ve toyed with the idea of making money blogging. After all, you have a huge readership for your current blog and plenty of .plements on your writing style. Why not? Other people do it, so why not you? You know, you’ve got a point. There are plenty of opportunities out in cyberspace for great writing gigs that allow freelancers to contribute to blogs and make a living doing it. So, where do you begin? It used to be that if you wanted to make it as a freelance writer you needed to be published in magazines, screened by a .mittee, and then still not see your piece for another six months. Not anymore. The demand for timely, well-written articles in the ever-changing virtual environment of the web is bigger than ever. As a writer, you can pursue these opportunities in a number of ways. There are .panies out there that specialize in search engine optimization (SEO), helping to place clients’ websites closer to the top of Google’s and others search engine’s results through the use of keywords placed in articles and blog postings. This type of work is steady and consistent, but there are other ways to blog for money. Writers can hone their blogging skills, which often require a more personal touch than other sorts of informative writing, through the development of their own blogs. This form of writing relies heavily on the ability to capture the audience’s attention, rather than stating the 5 Ws in the first paragraph. It is essential for a writer to have a pronounced voice, as well as darn good material. There are websites that can help you develop your skills. Once you have a firm grasp on blogging, you have to decide where your niche lies. What things interest you? In what areas do you already possess expertise? Finding a niche can allow you to write many blog posts about one particular area and thus be.e a seasoned and respected expert in this field. Many .panies today are struggling to make their mark in the blogging world, pushing services and goods, brand names, and attitudes. As a writer, you can help the .panies and make money doing it. Some sites post opportunities for paid bloggers, but most are found through networking and online social media like LinkedIn. Finding blogs that are already within your area of expertise and approaching the blog owners with samples can also be a way to make it into the good graces of a .pany’s marketing budget. While you may not be paid a dollar a word like an article in a magazine might glean, you will certainly be more blessed with a frequency of work hitherto unseen in a freelancer’s career. And hey, guess what? You might actually make a living as a writer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: