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The United States and Russia around GPS on the Russian offensive and defensive war victories had alerted the U.S. President either determined enemy range on the digital map, or guide precision guided weapons, satellite positioning and navigation "press forward to the enemy’s capital" has now become an important part of modern military indispensable, one of the most mature is the United States GPS system. But the counter measures on the battlefield are endless. According to the Russian "news" reported on 25, although the United States GPS system is escalating, but the new generation of Russian interference equipment will soon be equipped with troops. Russian version of the full band blocking? Reported that the Russian Defense Ministry decided to provide the armed forces with new "field -21" electronic jamming system, in order to protect the important strategic facilities and Russian military important target countries from using satellite positioning system guidance enemy cruise missiles, guided bombs and drone attacks in certain areas. According to reports, this new type of electronic jamming system developed by the Russian electronic warfare technology center, mainly installed in the cellular communication tower. It will R-340 RP radio interference station and transmit antenna into a network, and even the whole region can not receive navigation satellite signal. Russian Defense Ministry representative said that the current interference system has completed the test, and decided to equip troops. Lavrov, an independent Russian military expert, said that the principle of navigation of all satellite navigation systems is to transmit signals from satellites, so that even if the frequency of milliseconds will be lost. The modern jammer can effectively block the specific frequency of the satellite, so it is not very difficult to interfere with it. All the world of satellite navigation system using 1176.45 and 1575.42 MHz frequency range, while the "-21 field" can all signal of this range of interference, quite a bit of science fiction "full band" blocking taste. According to reports, as a result of the new interference system is anti infiltration interference, the use of a transmitter power of 20 watts of interference transmitter, you can cover a radius of 80 km range of GPS signal. Russian experts said, will be directly installed in the R-340 RP radio interference station in the cellular communication tower, can ensure the maximum interference coverage. On the other hand, it can not only obtain the power supply directly from the tower, but also use the GSM format of the transmitting and receiving antenna as the standby control channel and data. Of course, the main disadvantage of this model is not only the interference of GPS system used by the enemy, but also on the Russian side of GPS users and the Russian GLONASS navigation satellite system signal interference. Russian interference GPS "victories fruitful for Russia and the United States" battle of wits about GPS has lasted for decades. As early as the 90s of last century, the early launch of electronic jammers in Russia, it is known to disrupt the GPS positioning device on the u.s.. With the increasing dependence on the U.S. military GPS system, Russia’s interference equipment is also escalating. During the Iraq war, 80% of the precision guided weapons used by the US Army were GPS guidance. Due to the distance between the GPS satellite and the ground is often more than 20 thousand km, the ground receives the GPS signal is relatively weak, interference is not difficult. Russia.相关的主题文章: