The Syrian army killed 80 soldiers of the White House to apologize – Beijing caused by Allied bombin-dataload

The Syrian army killed 80 soldiers of the White House to apologize – Beijing, Beijing, September 18, according to foreign media reports caused by Allied bombing, 17 The White House issued a statement on the U.S. – led coalition air strikes killed dozens of Syria Army soldiers. Media had reported that it is believed that these soldiers were at the border with the Islamic state militants in iraq. The US led coalition warplanes bombed the eastern Syria government positions, killed 80 government soldiers, these people compete for control of the airport area is Deir ezzor and Islamic country militants. The White House statement on the death of the Syrian government officials expressed regret, and make a formal apology. The U.S. central command said in a statement, the U.S. coalition warplanes launched air strikes in Deir ezzor, that is they bombed in the air before the aircraft to take a long time to track the Islamist militants in the country. The United States statement did not provide the number of casualties, but said: when the Russian authorities told coalition officials that the target may be the Syria Army soldiers and vehicles, the air strikes were immediately suspended." The statement pointed out that the coalition warplanes target air strikes in Deir ezzor is the first in action. The statement also said the coalition commander in advance of the planned air strikes to inform the Russian authorities. The Russian Ministry of Defense said the coalition’s air strikes would be a "concerted refusal" by Washington to "coordinate" the Russian army fighting alongside the government forces loyal to President Assad of Syria. Until 17 pm local time is still not clear whether the air strikes will affect or how to affect the ceasefire earlier this week, it is unclear what action the Council will take.相关的主题文章: