The 63 issue of the lecture hall sexhu

Sent to the hall of the 63 session of the notice of the intention of the hall for PAL design firm’s brand promotion center, founded by the famous interior designer Liang Jinghua, Hongkong. Since the opening of the event has been held in a variety of activities, including press conference, premiere, designer salon, fashion party, conference, speech, etc.. The company also launched its own top professional lecture series, monthly planning theme, inviting top designers at home and abroad to share exchange. Sina home as a museum of the top professional lectures exclusive cooperation media reports.     " Liang Shaoxi   good is the essence of life " founder of thinking, he put the   " daily design concept " throughout every piece of work, through the structure, scale, behavior and psychology to convey   " & quot; state of life;. In October 22nd, he will be sent to the Italian Pavilion to share the life of the design furniture culture and furniture design and manufacturing experience in China for thirty years. The preview theme: China furniture design evolution Speaker: Liang Shaoxi   Mr. Liang Jinghua   in the field of chair: Dr. time: October 22, 2016 (Saturday) – 14:00 17:30 location:   (Shenzhen Museum sent Italy; Nanshan District overseas Chinese town LOFT Creative Cultural Park East Building F1 103) guest speaker Liang Shaoxi   Mr. Mr. Siu-Hei Leung Dixon the founder of furniture furniture and interior designer   furniture design and manufacturing experience of thirty years, has long been a unique design style and exquisite technology affects the development of Chinese furniture industry. Over the past three years, Liang Shaoxi is committed to explore the thinking and practice of Home Furnishing industrialization system to reconstruct the traditional definition of furniture products: advocate elegant and comfortable lifestyle solutions, from the decoration plate works to the art display of the whole chain of products and services; to put forward and build self update product system with closed loop iterative Dixon the characteristics of the success, and in a lot of market practice. "Good will is the founder of life" the essence of thinking, which is to provide the best daily experience, provide the most reasonable design Chinese daily convenient is the essence of design. This "daily design concept" throughout Dixon every piece of work, through the structure, scale, behavior and psychology to convey the "state of life". Industrialization Jiezhuang integrated manufacturing practitioners, real industrial 4 way to realize "Chinese made"; reduce the traditional home improvement in a lot of waste, pollution and sustainable development of intensive crudely made; to explore a way for the Chinese furniture manufacturing industry. Hosted by Dr. Liang Jinghua Dr. Patrick A Design Group founder and chief designer of Hongkong’s top ten designers in 1978, graduated from the Hong Kong Polytech University in. His pursuit of creative interior design works, with simple and exquisite quality of the eternal, at essence fusion of eastern and Western culture, the space art, the blend of art and design, also stressed that the taste of harmonious, comfortable, service shop相关的主题文章: