Talks For Cozumel Marina Project Positive Cozumel Real Estate Will Not Wait Long For Use Of The

Real-Estate Cozumel is continually improving its infrastructure and offering more for Cozumel Real Estate. In the case of the Cozumel Marina project, Cozumel is working with Hotel Presidente to make sure that the project is .pleted quickly, to the benefit of both Cozumel real estate and tourism. After a meeting in early August with Eduardo Muiz Urquiza, regional delegate of the National Fund for Tourism Development (Fonatur), the Mayor of Cozumel, Juan Carlos Hernndez Gonzlez, announced that negotiations for the conclusion of the Marina in Cozumel, which is currently moving ahead quickly in their construction, are on good terms. The mayor said that at this meeting they discussed the fact that the construction of the entrance of the Cozumel Marina could resume soon, and the representatives of the Hotel Presidente, are reconsidering their requests due to the constant talks with Fonatur to reach to an agreement as soon as possible. The meeting which was also attended by the Project Manager and Construction, Gonzalo Prez Barahona, Adriana Ruiz Meyer, Manager of Construction Permits, both of Fonatur, and the director of Urban Development in the municipality, Eduardo Basurto Basurto, took After the morning of Tuesday July 21, the Municipal Presidency. The municipality said that, according to Muiz Urquiza of FONATUR, there is no danger that the construction of the marina be delayed until 2010, because the Hotel Presidente group is reviewing its demands and that everything is on track, to follow up on this very important project. Since the conditions were announced which the representatives of the Hotel Presidente had set forth for the federal agency to work on the mouth which would fill the marina, a process of talks began, which are currently on the right track. He said that work on this project, will not only promote tourism in the area, but at the same time the hotel itself, which owns the land surrounding the project. When operations begins the Marina will certainly bring the hotel benefits. In conclusion he stated that it is very important that this project is .pleted, since from the beginning one of the agreements with the federal government was that "Marina Fonatur" would have a space to ac.modate vessels for tourists and residents, which will be of great benefit for both visitors and Cozumel Real Estate owners who have their boats in the area. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: