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Email-Marketing Internet marketers are advertising innovators as they simply throw out all of the written-in-stone advertising policies of brick and mortar advertisers and devised new and effective ways to reach their potential customers. Internet marketers have invented ways to reach their potential customers that were unheard of in the brick and mortar world of advertising. This innovative marketing technique is called the Give Away Event or Joint Venture Give Away Event. Can you imagine a group of brick and mortar stores getting together and agreeing to give free products to one another’s customers? I can’t either. But that’s exactly what happens in the internet give away event. How likely is it that Sears is going to give something for free to Japanned customers and vice versa?. Brick and mortar stores wouldnt even dream of giving something for free to stores that are not in competition with them. Japanned would never give something for free to customers of an automotive store even though Japanned does not sell automotive supplies. It just is not done in the brick and mortar world. But it IS done on the Internet. Every member of the give away event would then advertise their free gifts as well as every other member of the Joint Venture Give Away event.. This is needed in order to gage their interest in the topic that’s related to the free gift that they are about to download. For example, if you are serious about learning about affiliate marketing, you would in a heart beat give your email information before downloading a free e-book about affiliate marketing. This is how each member in the Joint Venture give away has the opportunity to build his or her list. Because of the nature of the Joint Venture Give Away, it has grown to be one of the most popular list building opportunities for internet marketers. The phenomenal success of the Joint Venture give away begs the questions, how does one put together a successful Joint Venture give away or find one to join? The answer to finding one to join is really quite simple. You just do a search for Joint Venture Give Away using your favorite search engine and you will find more than a few. Choosing which Joint Venture Give Away to join can be a little bit tougher. Remember that you may be required to send all of the offers in a joint give away package to all of your mailing list members. However, it will require a good deal of hard work. Rather than advertising for Joint Venture partners to participate in your Joint Venture give away, seek out each partner individually and limit the number. For example: if you are selling Internet Marketing How-to books, you might choose two or three other marketers who sell similar products. Then you might want to look for other marketers who sell products that are totally unrelated to your niche like a marketer who sells golf supplies and one who sells piano lessons, for example. Make you Joint Venture give away as versatile as you possibly can. People really do have many dimensions. They are interested in many different things and those who belong to one mailing list may very well be interested in belonging to another mailing list. These people are ready buyers and sometimes they buy the products and services that are offered as well in a Joint Venture Give Away. Internet marketers are always looking for new and innovative ways to build their lists to market themselves and their products and services. The Joint Venture give away is certainly one example of their innovativeness! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: