Positive Parenting Lets Do This Instead! 林志玲抱起郭敬明 外卖小哥被泼粥

Home-and-Family If you want your child to stop doing something, try getting them to do something else instead. Don’t pour your milk on the floor; let’s pour water in the sink. Don’t dig in the cat litter, let’s go outside and dig in the sandbox. A good parenting tip is to look at the situation and find something similar for your child to do instead. Positive parenting understands your child’s impulse to act, and instead of being upset, find a way to divert that action by offering up an alternative. It’s natural for your child to explore his environment. That’s how a child learns the concepts of physics, biology and chemistry. That’s how they learn to process their world. If you yell at your child when they do something wrong, you are teaching them that curiosity and exploring can be dangerous. To promote your child’s self-esteem, you need to give them space to explore. This doesn’t mean letting them do anything they want. It means offering them an alternative course of action. It is natural be angry when they find their child making a mess, but punishing a child fosters low-self esteem and fear. It may stop the immediate behaviour, but the long-term consequences are serious. The challenge of positive parenting to stop reacting right away to everything. If you react right away, you lose the chance to look for an alternative solution. The next time your child is doing something wrong, take a moment, look at what they are doing, and ask yourself if there’s something they could be doing that is similar and acceptable to you. Are they climbing on furniture? Build a mountain of pillows to climb, or take them to the playground where they can climb everywhere. Are they throwing their toys in the house? Give them a ball, and play catch outside. Are they smashing and mixing up their food into a mess? Get them to help you mix and pour while you make muffins instead. Of course, you will explain to your child that what they were doing was wrong, as you offer them the alternative. It is important for your child to know what is good for them to do, and what they should not do again. Speak with them in a respectful way and explain why you don’t want them making this mess. Then, when you offer the alternative, you are showing your child that you respect what they want to do, and that you understand that things like digging, exploring, pouring, colouring and throwing are all enjoyable. It’s just better to do them in a different way. Diverting your child to alternatives also teaches them to make decisions about what they want to do, and includes them in that process. So when they feel they would like to throw, pour or dig, they can think about how to do it properly. The next time you find your child doing wrong, the best parenting tip is to take a moment before you react. Positive parenting means understanding what your child is doing, and seeing if together, you can come up with some alternatives that suit you both About the Author: 相关的主题文章: