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Philippine defense minister said Philippines can not rely on American military aid to Philippines’s defense minister Loren Za Na – Sohu news Xinhua news agency, Manila, October 7, Philippines’s defense minister delfim? Loren Za Na says 7 days, Philippines can not rely on American military assistance, but through multilateral cooperation of independent national defense construction. Loren Za Na at a media forum in Manila said that the United States each year to Philippines to provide 50 million to 100 million U.S. dollars in military aid, including $30 million to give the name of the Philippine joint military drill. The Philippine President Duthel Te said that the ongoing 2016 year "the Philippines Bracks amphibious landing exercises will be" "the last time between the Philippine US military exercises", so the Philippines may lose these military aid. Loren Za Na said that the money is nothing, our Congress can provide us with the procurement of equipment budget". He said U.S. military aid is actually relatively limited. "Not what new equipment, only some C-130 transport planes and used helicopters. In addition, there are a number of retired ship, we have to spend money before the equipment to renovate them". He said that Philippines can purchase weapons and equipment to other countries. "As the president said, we can not rely on only one country. We should contact with other parties, after all, there are many countries in the world". This month, Duthel said in Manila on 4, the performance of the United States makes Filipinos disappointed. He wants to adjust foreign policy, and ultimately may be in office with the United States to break up, and the development of relations between Russia and china.相关的主题文章: