ocean vessel operators have their liability limited to only $500 per package 江西撞人案被枪决 共享购物车现西安

Insurance Moving to another country is not an easy task to accomplish and a lot of individuals and families hire international moving companies to handle it for them. Once you sign the contract with them and pay the deposit for your overseas move youre done, right? Do your due diligence and check what options the mover offers as to the international moving insurance. Why do you need to concern yourself about paying extra for international moving insurance? Isnt the moving company fully accountable for the safety of your household goods and other personal belongings? Well, it depends. There are instances when you can loose all your stuff in a transportation process and your international mover wont be obligated to reimburse you for anything. Most of the global relocation providers carry the insurance coverage for the cargo they transport. This coverage is however, very limited and doesnt reflect the full value of your shipment. In the USA the movers usually cover $0.60 per pound per article. This means that if your Picasso painting that weights 10 pounds gets damaged during the transport youre going to get a whole $6 for it! Also, you dont know the terms and conditions that the international moving company has in their insurance policy. Ive seen policies (especially those issued by UK underwriters) where audio equipment installed in an automobile is excluded from the coverage. This means that anybody can remove the stereo and speakers from your car while its being transported and the insurance company of your mover wont have to pay for it. International relocation involves the transportation of your possessions via ocean or air. At this time the rules of international conventions will regulate the financial responsibility of the carrier of your cargo. For example, ocean vessel operators have their liability limited to only $500 per package (and package can be very loosely defined). Your container can be washed off during the bad weather, or get roughly handled by the port workers. Container can be broken into at the port or holding warehouse and it would be very hard to prove to anybody exactly who is the responsible for loss or damage. Any international relocation move requires the services of many different vendors. So if you have a box with kitchenware stolen or damaged and you get $500 for it you could be OK. But lets say you shipped your brand new Honda motorcycle and its gone or completely ruined. It would still be considered as one package and you get the same $500 for it. This is the reality of international shipping, folks So spend some time and research your alternatives for protecting your assets with international moving insurance. Your moving company may or may not offer the coverage that will provide full value replacement for your cargo. Youre not obligated to use their policy and purchase certificate of insurance from them. There are plenty of independent moving insurance specialists providing reliable coverage at competitive rates. Check what Shipping-Insurance.com has to offer. They can offer all risk coverage for your household goods, fine art, automobiles, motorcycles and even boats. The rates are very acceptable and theyre known for offering discounts if the total value of your shipment is over $50,000. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: