Million annual salary to pay about 400000 of high-income earners looking forward to deductible polic

Million annual salary pay about 400000 high income tax deduction policy to "I worked so hard to earn one million annual salary, but to pay about 400000 of the personal income tax (tax), and some stocks overnight earned millions of dollars, the stock transfer is exempt from tax, this is not too flat." Zhang Li, a daily consumer goods business tax director of the first financial sigh. China tax are rare in the world of the classified income tax system, the concrete is divided into 11 categories, namely income from wages and salaries: individual industrial and commercial households operating income; interest, dividends and bonuses; property rental income; income from transfer of property etc.. One of the most familiar to the general public, than wages and salaries. After the adjustment, the current salary is in 3500 yuan of tax exemption, take 7 progressive rates (3%~45%), monthly income in 80 thousand yuan (960 thousand yuan annual income tax rate reached 45% above). This means that if in accordance with the current tax payment, the annual salary of one million executives actually get only about 500000 yuan. As a tax to regulate income distribution, the income of the high-income earners do play a role in tax regulation, but the newspaper exposure to many executives, 45% of the tax rate is considered high. Zhang Li believes that 45% of the marginal tax rate on the high side of their own year to pay so many tax, and did not enjoy better public services in education, health care. And some of the best people around to choose to develop in other countries, one of the reasons is that the individual tax burden without supporting social welfare. PWC China personal tax consulting partner Zhang Jianjing said on the first financial, in fact, only from the tax rate, China is not high. In the United States, for example, the United States tax (including tax 39.6% and land tax, such as California, the highest marginal tax rate of more than 50%, higher than China). But the United States adopted a comprehensive tax system, personal tax before education, housing and other deductions, rather than China’s "one size fits all"". China is currently building a comprehensive and integrated tax system, by increasing the education, mortgage interest deduction to change the current tax one size fits all situation. Lou Jiwei, Minister of finance, said the two countries in the country this year, combined with a combination of tax reform program has been submitted to the State Council, according to the plan will be submitted to the National People’s Congress this year. People familiar with the tax reform plan of anonymity on the first financial idea said the tax reform plan is to reduce the total tax burden of low-income persons, timely increase such as education, pension, and other special mortgage interest deductions. "Such as personal occupation development, re education such as mortgage interest deduction, this set of residential basic life to deduct, such as raising a child, at what stage is the stage of compulsory education, high school, or college, should be deducted. Of course, we are now letting go of the ‘two children’, the standard of big cities and small cities, the real cost is how much, is not the same. Tax law can not say that the big cities on the point of small cities, there is always a unified standard. As well as supporting the elderly, these are more complex, the need for sound personal income and property information systems, the need to amend the relevant laws." Lou Jiwei said. Adjust the tax rate level.相关的主题文章: