Men’s online shopping second-hand Cadillac Park neighborhood take wings to itself (video) p8400

Men’s online shopping second-hand Cadillac Park neighborhood shooting car show Mr. Zhang take wings to itself before the date, Mr. Zhang, who lives south of online shopping spend 190 thousand yuan a second-hand Cadillac. 3 evening, Mr. Zhang will be parked in the parking area, the building took the car when the second world, but found the car disappeared. This is how to return a responsibility? Zhang is Tianjin people, to Chongqing for two years, who lives in the south bank area sunshine 100 international metro. In August this year, he spent 190 thousand yuan online shopping a second-hand Cadillac. Mr. Zhang know that this is a mortgage car selling cars in Jiangsu is a Car Loan company in Yangzhou, in order to prove the car from legitimate sources, the company returned to Mr. Zhang sent the original owner Zhou Wei mortgage procedures videos and pictures. On the evening of 3, Mr. Zhang, the car parked on the parking spaces on the second floor, the world take the car but found the car take wings to itself. When Mr. Zhang wants to find a car alarm, claiming to be a GMAC-SAIC staff call that they left the car, the original owner Zhou Wei owed car loans, overdue, so the car back. Mr. Zhang learned that Zhou Wei, originally from the financial loan company to buy the car, because he will owe money, car mortgage to a man named Zhao Xin, and Zhao Xin and the Car Loan company car mortgaged to Yangzhou. Subsequently, Mr. Zhang repeatedly contact SAIC GM Finance Co., Ltd. and Yangzhou Car Loan company, but as of now, the two sides did not give a solution. A Chongqing lawyer Pan Xingwang said that Mr. Zhang can find Yangzhou Car Loan company refund and compensation for losses through legal means; in addition, seizure of property is the judicial powers, GMAC-SAIC without court permission directly to the car, but also violate the legal procedure. For further reading, has nothing to do with this article vehicle mortgaged alarm after a dispute between the two sides to visit the police station take wings to itself相关的主题文章: