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Korean media: millions of people marched into a turning point or the ruling party faces the disintegration of Sohu Seoul 14 November, Yonhap news, South Korea’s largest opposition Democratic Party leader Akimi Ai Day party under common pressure, canceled a scheduled 15 afternoon in Chong Wa Dae talks with President Park Geun hye’s plan. At the meeting of all the members of the party held in the afternoon that day, most of the views that this time with Park Geun hye talks, contrary to the demands of the president to step down public opinion, will break the opposition camp United front. According to South Korea, "Asian daily" reported on 14, November 13th, the new National Party (formerly known as the Grand National Party) Party members Lee Zhen Xuan and the supreme supreme council held an emergency meeting, decided to advance the party conference held in January 21st next year to elect new leadership. Li Zhenxuan also said that once the appointment of a new prime minister, the cabinet will immediately set up a neutral, resigned from the party office. Prior to this, as Li Zhenxuan and park Geun hye worked together for 12 years, all the way to follow the party representative in the park, Cui Shunshi corruption after dry things after the outbreak, had insisted that not let President Park Geun hye was forced to resign. November 10th in an interview with the Busan daily interview, Li Zhenxuan also said, let me feel the value of the only president of a person. Therefore, even in the political shock, but also to do the truth." However, with the development of national continuously to the new national party accountability, new National Party members of the Department of non park combined with non mainstream heavyweights in 13 held an emergency meeting to discuss the situation, to promote the party’s disintegration. East Asia Daily quoted sources said, taking into account the current national party has been difficult to effectively respond to the incident, will promote the disintegration of the party, in order to keep the Conservative Party Banner and Republic of Korea. In addition, the meeting also discussed the impeachment of Park Geun hye matters, and hope that through the establishment of "national cabinet", urged to hand over all power park. According to Yonhap news November 11th, the third round of the November 12th outbreak in Seoul for the ouster of President Park Geun hye weekend candlelight rally, or for the current situation of the watershed, assembly size and influence or decision "trusted politics door" into the situation. This meeting assembled 1 million (police estimates about 260 thousand people), June 10, 1987 South Korean people to protest President dictatorship for the realization of democracy and the fight and held the "6? 10 democratic struggle", a rally of the largest Korean society. South Korean media analysis, the mass rally may be caused by a new turning point of national party determined with President Park Geun hye "part company each going his own way". The analysis also pointed out that the ruling party in the new national party within the park and the Department of non park has split or weaken their own relationship with Pu Jinhui’s move, with the recent decline in the new national party support is closely related. With the further investigation of corruption scandal Cui Shunshi dry politics, the new national party is increasingly subject to national accountability, support rate all the way down. In November second Gallup poll a week in South Korea, the new National Party’s support rate of 17%, almost half of the largest opposition Democratic Party to 31%, is the lowest since the park government support rate.相关的主题文章: