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In response to the question: shady Association hundred flowers awards out of thin air the afternoon of September 25th, an article entitled "watch" the article appeared in micro-blog shady award, although the micro-blog soon be deleted, but its dirt exposed, quickly detonated opinion. The truth is unknown, public outcry. In this case, the procuratorial daily bursts of two review, put forward the relevant departments should start the investigation as soon as possible, the award organizers should also provide as much as possible the judges to contact the media, let the judges free interview, as soon as possible to restore the truth, to the truth. Comments aroused public concern and attention of the award organizers. 29, one of the organizers of the award China Film Association (hereinafter referred to as the "China field") responsible person to accept an exclusive interview with the procuratorial daily, in response to public opinion questioned. China field also provides a 7 judges contact list for journalists free. Chinese field: "the basic facts are not divulging in micro-blog, claiming to be" blogger exposed judges "a lot of dirt frightful to the ear":"…… In the middle of the best supporting actress Liang Jing [micro-blog], we do not see the fragments of her appearance, such a situation can be found everywhere……" "The leadership of the general assembly has told us about the selection of open and fair, how true and fair, so we selected the hearts of the most love movies and actors, but also told me to award equally, late winner to tell us if the show live scene, not good-looking, and told us a full attendance it is said that the list, do not affect our vote……" "The funny thing is that the party begins,…… Not a few people voted Li Yifeng [micro-blog], the screen is a big score to get a supporting actor, voted with the woman when I saw a lot of people around the cast of 4 [micro-blog] [], as well as the number 1…… The results of the big screen Wang Zhi only 3 votes, while most people voted for the Chen Yao, only a mere dozen votes……" "Back to the awards, someone whispered proposal don’t press the voting machine, we look at the results, almost an entire row of no one point voting machine, the big screen is still 101 of the total number of votes, does this come with me, this award for public review in the end what is the relationship?" These so-called "muckraking, not the basic facts." Chinese field divided party members, the Deputy Secretary General Sun Chonglei said. A woman with Liang Jing is, in view of the film he said, in determining the 101 judges, they organized ten films to watch the judges, judges will prompt the film awards. Before each view, to remind everyone who. Sun Chonglei said, "before the assembly, because there are nominated for awards, the judges who know who did not come, when discussing the judges may think people did not come to respect the awarding ceremony of emotion, so as not to have to vote, but we will tell them not to vote according to the mood, to see what works. On the second day of the conference, we also informed the candidates to be present." He told reporters that in the voting scene, the judges simply can not see the contents of the display on the big screen, because the judges too far away from the screen, but also because of this, they also specifically for the judges相关的主题文章: