Huzhou Road station will enable the highest praise for the yen on National Day

A highway in Huzhou Province won the praise of inn will enable the highest value in the 205 provincial highway Daxi Yan Qinglin line of the Huzhou Anji County Road station after a building now in wildly beating gongs and drums, the national day, the main project is completed, will be officially opened during the national day. In September 23rd, I boarded the two floor observatory station climb afar, dam and reservoir panoramic scenery. According to the construction side, after the completion of the internal decoration, rest areas, public toilets and other services will be provided to the public. Station parking lot 1000 square meters. "Because the Daxi Inn located in high altitude area, an exquisite scenery, known as the province’s highest post yan." Anji County Highway Bureau responsible person, built according to local conditions, to build supporting the viewing platform, made in Anji between Zhuhai, verdant panoramic view. "We in the construction process, there are a lot of tourists in the parking lot, in more than a short break to watch zhuhai." The responsible person said, although the station has not officially put into use, it has attracted a lot of tourists. From Shanghai Yang master of Daxi station point again and again praise: "here the Zhuhai is too beautiful, I see the right there is a parking lot, just to have a rest, viewing the scenery outside is really beautiful to the heart." In recent years, Huzhou highway service station construction in the forefront of the province. Put into use in 2011 318 national highway service stations in Nanxun last year and put into use in Anji Castle Inn, to become the province’s first national highway service station and highway service station. It is understood that the "13th Five-Year" period, Huzhou Highway Administration Bureau plans to build 30 ordinary highway service stations, make full use of the common highway along the existing highway site (including the maintenance station, overrun checkpoints, highways Squadron, toll station, gas station field), construction and function development road of idle space, parking a, lounge, bathroom, mobile phone charging, boiling water, road and other basic services for the masses culture propaganda. As of now, in addition to the application of the highway Daxi Inn, located in 104 State Road 1314 km at the Changxin Xiangshan Road brand inn has started construction, is expected to put into use before the end of the year. It is reported that the station also has a viewing platform, with the driver in the rest, can see the face of Taihu, solitary sail.相关的主题文章: