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Haibei Prefecture Agricultural and animal husbandry bureau to help village "chicken" – Qinghai Channel – people.com.cn September 30th, investment in agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau 200 thousand yuan one-time to Menyuan Hui Autonomous County town village after the spring of 15 poor households distributed in February at the age of 2250 chicks per household, 150 to 15 units, and supporting the chicks in drinking water, feeding utensils and a month of chicken feed, marking the full implementation of the project to raise village industrial development, agriculture and animal husbandry bureau after helping "ten industry" project of chicken powder. The project is aimed at backyard chicken after returning farmland to forest village abundant actual investment of 200 thousand yuan, the use of funds, adhere to the "hotshots and public participation, centralized management, clear responsibility" principle, choice of technical qualifications mature spring town home garden ecological chicken professional cooperatives for breeding and sale of "company + farmers" model. In a screening after the village farming experience and breeding the basic conditions of the 15 poor households, carried out the cultivation skill training of relevant personnel, to poor households scattered farms and farms unified farming method combined by farms for farmers to provide February age chicken 2250 feather, after the expiration of 3.5 pounds or more according to the 80 Yuan home garden ecological farm cooperatives bank acquisitions, egg 1 yuan per gold cooperative bank acquisitions, in poor households zero risk, and by the end of each chicken in the lowest income target of 30 yuan for village poverty poverty alleviation and opens up a new way. (commissioning editor Zhang Zhiping and Yang Yang)

海北州农牧局帮后沟村养“土鸡”–青海频道–人民网 9月30日,州农牧局投入20万元一次性向门源回族自治县泉口镇后沟村15户贫困户发放了二月龄鸡苗2250只,每户分到150只,并配套15套鸡苗饮水、饲喂器皿及一个月的鸡饲料,标志着州农牧局帮扶后沟村产业发展的“十大产业”项目之一的土鸡散养项目全面落实。 土鸡散养项目是针对后沟村退耕还林地充裕的实际,利用支农资金投资20万元,坚持“能人带动、群众参与、集中管理、权责明确”的原则,选择技术资历成熟的泉口镇回乡园生态养鸡专业合作社以“合作社+农户”模式进行养殖和销售。先后在后沟村筛选了有一定养殖经验和养殖基础条件的贫困户15户,先期开展了相关人员养殖技能培训,采取了贫困户分散养殖和养殖场统一养殖相结合的办法,由养殖场为农户提供二月龄小鸡2250羽,期满后达3.5斤以上按80元回乡园生态养鸡合作社保底收购,鸡蛋按每枚1元合作社保底收购,实现参与贫困户零风险,且年底实现每只鸡最低增收30元的目标,为后沟村贫困人口致富脱贫拓开了一条新门路。 (责编:张志平、杨阳)相关的主题文章: