Facebook – Online Marketings Best Kept Secret 坦克训练发生爆炸 风云四号交付使用

UnCategorized You could pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the biggest and best marketing campaigns possible. But is it worth spending so much money to find your way to potential clients/customers? Is it really worth chopping down a hundred trees just to print your latest ‘you beaut’ flyer? It’s about time you learnt why online marketing (and in particular, Facebook) is the greatest value for money you will ever spend on business advertising. Facebook is the most integral part of your Social Media Optimisation (SMO). Not only is Facebook the biggest Social Media website in the world, but it allows businesses to create their own Facebook profile and connect with millions of followers across the globe. Imagine having people view your business profile page, like it, comment on your products/services or even subscribe via RSS. All this attention will drive traffic to your website. This will improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), gain a greater attention to your business and eventually, increase your bottom line! Here are my Top 5 tips for setting up your Facebook Business profile page: 1. Make sure your profile page is attractive It is one thing to set up a profile page, but getting the attention of viewers is another. It is crucial that your profile page is attractive, has well built and crisp graphics, is modern in appearance and provides viewers with the information they seek without having to look too hard. If you are not confident in creating the profile page then hire a professional. It will be a worthwhile investment! 2. Advertise all business events If you are holding a seminar, public talk, special day, expo or any other form of event then you should advertise it on your Facebook profile page. Facebook has an ‘events’ section that is simple to use and best of all, is free! Publicising events will not only gain the viewers interest, but may of course encourage them to attend. Their attendance could attract positive feedback on your page including comments, additional subscriptions, likes etc. 3. Upload your known business contacts Every business should have a well-maintained database of contacts floating around their office somewhere. It is a strong possibility that these contacts have email addresses and a further possibility that they have Facebook accounts. Encourage them to subscribe via RSS to your Facebook profile page and receive regular updates about your business. 4. Post Regularly and Relatively Having a Facebook profile page is a great start but trust me when I say, it is useless if you leave it dormant. Posting regularly on your page will ensure that your subscribers are fed information that will keep them interested in your business. The information you post must be relative to your business and be kept clear and concise. This is critical because an overload of information, abuse of posting and unrelated information will all discourage subscribers from your page. 5. Add Value Social Media Optimisation (SMO) is about adding value. It is not about selling your products and services. The posting of articles, blogs and other useful information will add value to your business name and drive traffic to your website. An attempt to sell products or services will turn people off visiting your profile page. The craving for valuable information cannot be under-estimated. If you stick to the golden rule of ‘adding value’ then your SMO is certainly heading in the right direction. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: