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Cuilong Zhu: enhance the strength of the money will come in more champions process cuilong Zhu sina sports news Beijing time on September 11th, the Super League war to Jiangsu, will be at Shijiazhuang, against Yongchang. This afternoon, Suning team arrived in the field of tomorrow’s war, the venue before the training. Before the start of training, Suning coach cuilong Zhu array articles in general Wu Xi attended the press conference before the game. For a team to prepare for tomorrow’s war, Suning coach cuilong Zhu said: "it has been a very good performance in the home court, although the ranking is not high, but in the Super League, no team can be ignored opponent. If our team has any effect or pride, the result will be negative. So I have been emphasizing that we must adhere to the spirit of hard work, team spirit, play our own football style." After the national team, Suning array has more than international competition, the coach think how they return after the restoration of the situation? In this regard, cuilong Zhu said: "we are I have read about players, they all play for the national team, performance is very good, our team is very proud. Of course, they are tired after coming back. I’ll take a look at their training today. Of course, our team will not because the one or two players who are affected by the transfer. We follow the goal is to build a team as a whole team, do not rely on the one or two players to play." Suning with more and better, more and more international coach, you think to be a good player, should have the quality? In the face of this problem, cuilong Zhu talked about his idea: "first of all, they have been very mature, style of play has been formed, I can not too much to change their technical requirements. But there are a lot of players in our team who have the possibility to enter the national team, they should improve their management and improve their professionalism. Deeper understanding of football should be higher, compared to the shortcomings, I suggest that they can put their own advantages to the fullest. In addition, I would like to mention the issue of money and their own strength. Some young players ignore their career development because of their money. My advice is that you should develop your strength to a more focused and obsessed direction." At present, Suning and Hengda only 6 points, do you think this is the best opportunity to win Suning? Cuilong Zhu said: "playing at this node, fans and media that we may win. But I do not think so, because compared to this result, I pay more attention to the process, the results of the decision to god. In this process, I hope that our players, coaches and all the club staff, in the normal, good, the right direction to work together, there will be a good result." (tiger)相关的主题文章: