Chen Jianbin on behalf of Xu 琍 fell out of the truth, Chinese style in the crazy powder (vide-poper

Chen Jianbin Ma Yili fell out of the truth on behalf of Xu "type" in a China powder China type _11 > > > click to enter the Tencent video, watch "China relation" entertainment Tencent contemporary urban comedy humor "China type relationship" is Beijing TV, Dragon TV, double hit taiwan. The play brings together Chen Jianbin, Ma Yili, Hu He, Xu and the strength of the actors, the days have broken 1 high ratings, the network popularity is high, the new generation of power by virtue of a strong meat Asahi off angle become the "screen darling", just yesterday (12 days) "gathered" the community activities, he frequently and offline audience interaction, the reproduction of "Beijing small Ye" super charm. Generation of Asahi into the community to interact with the audience as "straightforward powder screen TV drama" Darling "by our French years", "war", "family reunion dinner", "wonderful family", "movie", "Beginning of The Great Revival deserted apartment," first love "not full" and a series of works, generation Asahi to win the majority of the audience favorite performances. Yesterday into the community, he was a simple dress with the sex, let a person shine. In an interview, Xu Xu said, just received the script, on the "Chinese style" in the "Guan Qiang" corner impressed. "Although some but not bad with a glib tongue, what, he represents the social tide, hope to win the chance to win the attention of young people." And Guan Qiang, he is also a native of Beijing, grew up in the alley, very familiar with the way people speak and tone of Beijing, for which he also added some personal growth experience for the role. Activities in the community on his aunt powder and the role of great love, "this guy is naive, polite, very love him, it is very hard to close a strong business, very funny, we love." Fall fell out of love like Chen Jianbin, "Xu Sanyi generation is acting" mentioned when filming scenes, "said Xu China generation relation" is the first day of shooting to the dam on the viewfinder, just to meet with you "steal cattle scenes so that he can not forget. "This is the first game after boot, and did not expect the cattle on the show, Bashang grassland is very cold at that time, I and Chen Jianbin, Ma Yili has always been a cattle and rivalry, it took many, he was sweating, also gave the cow to shoot trouble." Even more interesting is that he was the first time with Chen, Ma cooperation, almost zero initial exchange. Who knows, in the play when he was shot cattle, cattle stepped on one foot, behind the wall is low, the back turn out a flop. The situation, let Chen ma be startled, endured the pain of dedication on behalf of Xu finished, the result not only let the director praised clappers, also let three people warm up. Talk about the details of the cooperation, on behalf of Xu "broke the news to Ma Guoliang (Chen Jianbin ornaments) that a showdown to kneel at the time of the teacher, Chen Jianbin also amused." Originally, on behalf of Xu Guan Qiang in the interpretation of this role, adding small details many of their elaborate design, the scene on the script is not written. Play not only to play Chen Jianbin laugh, but also to get the recognition of his acting on him, like him, will play the role of Chen Jianbin". Dai Xu also said, "Ma Yili and Chen Jianbin, two teachers filming together, often get advice, they will share their stories with my youth.相关的主题文章: