Brooks 22 minutes to lead the five pairs of Jiangsu to send the Bayi start of the 8 consecutive defe-polartec

Brooks 22 points from five double Jiangsu Bayi start losing 8 Highlights – Brooks 22 points lead five double 102-75 Jiangsu Bayi Beijing time on the night of November 18, 2016, CBA entered the eighth round, Jiangsu kendiya home court against the Bayi, Jiangsu round after losing streak, Bayi has 7 straight start. The first section of the game both teams are not good offensive, Jiangsu more flowers to achieve the lead, the second quarter no fire points scores were opened to the outside. The third section of Jiangsu Bayi more mistakes, Zou Yuchen and Raymond and the impact of poor will be reduced to single digits, Chang Linzhu and Samuels paratelum control under the basket, Jiangsu opened the score, the game into garbage time early, the final 102 to 75 victory over the Jiangsu home court Bayi, won two straight, Bayi defeated eighth season encounter. The Jiangsu 5 people scored on the double, Brooks 22 points, Li Yuanyu, the score of 17 points, and then, the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States. Bayi scored in double figures 3, Zou Yuchen 18 points, Raymond 16 points, Xu Zhonghao 10 points. Liu high hit the game, Cao Yan found an empty box outside the box, the breakthrough in the Zou Yuchen, throw the basket under the hit, Bayi 5-4 ahead of Jiangsu. Then the two teams of the blacksmith, the basket Brooks pick shot to break the scoring drought on the field, on the field of defense and the performance is very bad. Zou Yuchen basket again, Cao Fei broke the foul two hit, Jiangsu 8-7 super. The two ends there is a big problem, Raymond outwire hit 81, chasing the score into 10 levels, Brooks 45 degree angle in color, then the horse substitution. Xu Zhonghao under the basket is 81 stable score points, Jiangsu foreign aid Samuels in the same way as the basket storm hit, and foul, penalty is not the score to 20-14, Jiangsu’s leading. Substitute Chen Lei also broke through the more determined, the home team to take the initiative, the end of the first section, Jiangsu 25-16 lead bayi. The second section in Jiangsu follow the good results of the foreign aid, a substitute for Bayi Li Tiange scored 4 points, Jiangsu by Chen Lei outside hit, hit Li Yuanyu, Jiangsu will be opened to the poor two digits, leading to 30-20 81. Jiangsu then more mistakes, 81 steals fast break, Cao Fei Li Tiange of technical fouls and three free throws, Li Tiange made three free throws, Zou Yuchen under the basket hook shot, 81 wave 6-1 attack, will narrow the difference to 26-31, Jiangsu suspended. The game continued, Jiangsu scored by Brooks, Bayi attack, physical contact, Liu Wei injured fell to the ground to break the game, was helped off. Outside Raymond zero angle of attack Biao, Jiangsu rely mainly on the basket, Brooks and Li Yuanyu go to the basket with 4 points, Jiangsu 37-29 lead. Raymond outwire again, Jiangsu Yi Li fast break dunk off home court atmosphere, the lack of stability in Jiangsu Bayi scoring points, to stabilize the situation, Li Yuanyu dunk hit the score to 43-34, A Dijiang request to suspend. Brooks scored into the basket, followed by more than a few rounds of the game did not rise points, A Dijiang can not sit back again, Bayi 34-45 behind Jiangsu. The game continues, Chang Linzhu outside hit, he made in crime)相关的主题文章: