Beijing this afternoon has slight to mild or severe pollution haze over the weekend-candle june

Beijing this afternoon has slight to mild or severe pollution haze over the weekend Chinese weather yesterday (10 days) at night, in the continual cold air blowing, visibility in most areas of Beijing significantly improved air quality by the severe pollution rebound to a good level. But good times don’t last long today in most parts of the diffusion conditions, slip, slight to mild haze on Saturday afternoon, or severe pollution. But on Sunday night, cold air will take away the haze, next Monday or 3-4 wind, the public should pay attention to warm cold. 11, 11, Beijing air quality for mild pollution. Yesterday during the day, Beijing air quality is heavily polluted, the night air quality improvement, Beijing city meteorological station at 21:15 on the 10 decomposition in addition to haze yellow warning signal. 11, 9 pm, Beijing Qinghe sky poor visibility. But today Beijing good times don’t last long, the diffusion condition deteriorated at 11 air quality light pollution, the public go pay attention to good health protection. The weather station weather forecast in Beijing is expected today, most areas of diffusion conditions, slight to mild haze, please pay attention to health protection. Specific forecast: cloudy to sunny this afternoon, the southern region (Fangshan, Daxing and Tongzhou) had moderate to mild haze, north wind around two, the highest temperature of 11 degrees at night; partly cloudy, north wind one or two, the minimum temperature of 1 degrees. According to the Beijing municipal environmental protection monitoring center is expected to continue to poor air quality on Saturday, or up to heavy pollution. The good news is, the Beijing Municipal Meteorological Observatory is expected to have a cold air southward to Sunday night, the night away haze, or to see the blue sky again next Monday, but there will be 3-4 wind, the public should also pay attention to warm cold outside. Academy of Social Sciences report: Hebei is the largest source of haze in Beijing region of the source of haze in Beijing in the end come from? According to the twenty-first Century economic news reports, November 8th, by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences – Chinese Meteorological Bureau of the economics of climate change simulation laboratory organization, Social Sciences Literature Publishing House of the "green book of climate change: climate change report (2016)" said, according to the analysis of Beijing Tianjin Hebei main pollution emissions, the largest source of haze pollution from Beijing Hebei. The report pointed out that in 2012 -2013 years as an example, according to the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau released data, Beijing PM2.5 sources, the contribution of external contamination accounted for 28%-36%, in particular the heavy air pollution process, through regional transmission Beijing PM2.5 will even accounted for more than 50% of the total, according to the analysis Beijing Tianjin Hebei main pollution emissions, mutual transmission between the deduction of three of Tianjin, Hebei province is the largest regional transmission source, governance haze in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region has a long way to go. Hebei haze rule under the scheduling order to reduce regional air pollution transmission according to China news, Hebei provincial Environmental Protection Bureau said on the evening of 9, in order to further implement the management responsibilities of air pollution prevention and control, Hebei air pollution control decision issued No. 1 "scheduling order" of the country to strengthen pollution reduction and heavy pollution weather emergency response. In order to reduce the influence of regional air pollution transport. Editor Kay相关的主题文章: