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Anhui standard micro-blog WeChat   management of government affairs; research and development of the assessment rules – the media – People’s original title: the first government micro-blog WeChat management specification how baked? Anhui provincial government recently issued a notice to require municipalities, county government and Anhui provincial government departments to open the micro-blog WeChat, and clear requirements for the public comment, micro-blog and WeChat private message function, accept consulting appeal, suggestions. Beijing Youth Daily reporter noted that Anhui is the 31 provinces in the country to take the lead in the construction and management of micro-blog WeChat provincial government regulation. The focus of major emergencies chief micro-blog one hour forward recently, the Anhui provincial government announced the "on the further strengthening of the construction of WeChat micro-blog notice", which clearly before the end of 2016, the city and county government and Anhui provincial government departments to open the micro-blog WeChat. In the content distribution, the "notice" requirements, to the Department in the region of major policy information, public opinion and government important major emergencies, the provincial government to timely release of micro-blog WeChat, the city and county government and provincial government departments of government within one hour to load micro-blog to WeChat, subscription number not lag working days. Send information is not only a matter of concern is a lot of WeChat micro-blog common fault. "Notice" clear, open public comment, micro-blog and WeChat private message function, accept consulting appeal, suggestions. Belong to the local area within the scope of the duties of the Department, according to the procedures to reply; do not fall within the scope of responsibility, the situation, indicating the solution. Reply according to the law in accordance with regulations, seek truth from facts, direct and specific, easy to understand. For more than 15 days to update the "zombie", "sleep" micro-blog WeChat, play voice aphasia, not in major public opinion event of public opinion guidance, dissemination of information is not accurate resulting in adverse social impact, operation and maintenance management of sudden accidents of micro-blog WeChat, informed of the rectification; rectification is not in place, resolutely shut down. The notice also refine the administrative micro-blog WeChat executives and funding issues. According to regulations, the provincial government office is responsible for the promotion and guidance of the province’s government system micro-blog WeChat construction and management work, all localities and departments to determine a responsible comrades in charge of specific. Provincial government departments and municipal government micro-blog WeChat operation and maintenance personnel of not less than two, not less than the county level operation and maintenance personnel. All localities and departments to the work of government micro-blog WeChat into the unit network operation and maintenance costs and other public funds to co-ordinate the protection of the budget. In order to implement the provisions of the Anhui provincial government in the notice clear, micro-blog WeChat assessment results into the annual provincial government website performance evaluation and government work evaluation. Who is responsible for the interpretation of government outsourcing micro-blog? The "notice" issued, BYD reporter interviewed on issues related to the general office of the Anhui provincial government official. Keywords: standard to identify the message must respond to BYD: whether there is a specific implementation plan of the "notice" supporting the current, specific content? General Office of Anhui provincial government: "Anhui Provincial People’s government"相关的主题文章: