93 years ago, a major earthquake in Japan caused the killing of North Korea and the Chinese-musiland

93 years before the earthquake in Japan, North Korea and Chinese triggered for killing [Abstract]2013 year, the 90 anniversary of the great Kanto earthquake in Japan on the occasion, Tokyo Education Commission announced that about Japanese Kanto earthquake in the massacre of the Korean people’s content in the senior high school history textbooks deleted, for fear of misunderstanding. The Song Haibo | 11:58 at noon on September 1, 1923, a sudden earthquake hit Japan, Tokyo and Kanagawa County, there were 3 consecutive field more than 7 earthquake in 5 minutes, the maximum magnitude of 7.9. Due to the impact of the earthquake and aftershocks are mainly the Kanto Plain Area, it is also called the "great Kanto earthquake". The earthquake caused the collapse of houses, fires and tsunami caused a total of about 140 thousand Japanese people were killed or missing, property damage at the time of the market value of $1 billion. In the ruins of the survivors are still in shock, the rapid spread rumors around japan. Rumours that the Koreans in Japan "poisoning the wells" in the arsenal of fire "and" destroy a bridge ", even sensationally declared that" North Koreans to take advantage of the machine make the riots in Japan earthquake". These rumors were first distributed by whom, and now can not be tested, but it is certain that the Japanese media at the time of the spread of rumors played a role in fueling. Osaka "Asahi Shimbun", Tokyo’s "Daily News" and other major media since the earthquake happened on the next day, full report the so-called "Korean mob" carrying weapons in Yokohama, robbery and arson news. This let the Japanese people have a great panic and anger, have organized folk "vigilantes", began to spontaneously raids and massacres of Koreans in japan. While the Japanese police subsequently joined in, or even directly involved in the killings. The previous research on this event usually think that killing is since September 2nd, the Japanese Ministry of internal affairs issued in Tokyo and Kanagawa County after the start of the martial law. However, South Korea in 2013 announced a number of the massacre scene photos, photo behind the words "Taisho twelve years in September 1st.". From this point of view, it is likely that on the day of the earthquake, the massacre against the DPRK has begun. After about a week, the Japanese folk "vigilantes" and the official police checkpoints around the street, said the specific requirements is examined from the Japanese word accent to determine whether the Korean people, once found the accent right, shall kill, even from remote place to Japanese for heavy accent, was also killed. In some North Koreans living in more areas, "vigilantes" and the police are directly into the Korean people’s residence, the residence of North Koreans massacred a space, and then grab and carve up the property. In the slaughter of Korean people at the same time, some kill red eye Japanese even targeting Chinese, students raised the knife found in search of North Koreans when Chinese labour and Chinese, in Chinese to reveal their identities, but also kill the shouting "chinaman". A total of about 700 Chinese workers and foreign students were killed in the massacre, including Zhou Enlai, who was a good friend of Japan in the year of the year. Although the Japanese military and government later claimed that in September 3rd has been posted to clarify the notice, some government officials in the subsequent public rumor, but the slaughter.相关的主题文章: