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00 adorable baby God to restore the "White Snake", little meat in small meat – Sohu   entertainment; 00 adorable baby God to restore the "White Snake" (source: future network) the future network group average age of only seven or eight years old the child has God to restore the classic TV series "The Legend Of White Snake", this group after 00 small bone each acting bursting, their every rhythm restored classic, actually seems to have no sense of violation. The story of the white snake is known to every family, which is almost all buddy childhood memories, the theme of the classic works is made, the 92 edition of "The Legend Of White Snake" is the most familiar and popular version, Maggie Cheung’s version of the "snake" is even more impressive. But this adorable baby online recently in the Q version of the fire of "White Snake" is estimated to be the history of the most adorable version, the little actor acting really many people shouted: good, my baby! Originally with spicy eyes ready to open buddy after reading, even some tears, that classical music was able to bring you back to the story. Even many buddy have said that this group of children acting than those popular small meat do not know a good many times, especially white lady’s charm has been restored, Da Da Jun ring powder. Look at this group of small bone have the bursting of the acting ~ the first thing to say is beautiful and adorable little Bai Suzhen, full of white snake behavior between every twinkle and smile from a gentle is virtuous appearance Bai Suzhen successfully incarnate the surprise to   and Xu Xian met the tender shy, West Lake Jianshi classic scene   was just perfect to restore; Fahai repression in Leifeng Pagoda before and tearfully parting Xu Xian and give up, little Bai Suzhen’s acting skills to many viewers into the play   even the white snake is trapped in a tower of the lonely lonely girl was deducted lifesome   small actor Reiki full, not only to Bai Suzhen looked very small reduction in place, many of the details of the movement is to see a lot of extra points, the villain centipede fine appearance Hey, you will not speak to Xu Xian again, small actors, want to talk about this play a villain in the play the drama of bone, promoting progress, abnormal eye-catching role centipede Jing is a little boy playing   from the start in the water to poison mischief Xu Xian and the White Snake, even after a few attempts to murder Xu Shilin the young actor will be dedicated to the abnormal bad stomach full of water centipede reduction out have to say, the villain actor to perform a very vivid eyebrow eye between is a cunning is here, really want to give small actors a praising no wonder online buddy after clamoring for the award to this group of children between Xu Shilin and   Xu Xian, aunt to see the best scenes Hong Kong really started, purely comedy Da Da Jun attitude to crowd the Q version of "White Snake", finally was this adorable baby to play. Xu.相关的主题文章: